Extraordinary music

If you’re looking for sounds that you’ve heard before.  Look elsewhere.
Urban Renaissance encourages music expression in non-traditional modes.  We’re not just R&B - we’re R&B fused with Jazz, Hip-hop, and Rock.  We’re not just Jazz - we’re Jazz fuzed with, Hip-hop, classical orchestrations and electronica.   We’re not just hip-hop... Well... you get the idea.  Our sound is unique and recognizable.

With music produced exclusively by Maurice Chevalier Davis, Michael Gamble, Peter Brinkley, and carefully chosen guests, we strive to make ourselves happy first. Because even as a record label, we believe that making ourselves happy will please a music segment not addressed on broadcast radio and other traditional channels.  Over the many years working in the industry, we’ve found a dearth of “thick music”.  Music you can more than move to - but music that moves you.

So stick around and check out the sounds - we’re sure you’ll find something interesting.


Maurice Chevalier

Gamble's Bride

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